What is Chinese Herbal Medicine: Herbal Preparations – Chinese Herbal Remedies

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine? In China, doctors have found a variety of methods for preparing medicinal herb to use. The most common way to handle grass or herb tea is. We will examine some different ways used in Chinese herbal medicine to administer the herbs.


The stew consists of boiling the grass in the water. But there is something more to boil the water temperature from Ramuannya and how long a mixture of herbs is cooked is an important factor. Traditionally, the herb was made of ceramic pots. Iron (like cast iron) is not recommended because eventually, you can get a lot of iron in your system. Turn the heat to high and bring the water to a boil. Some water will evaporate in the process but do not let the concentrated liquid remain less than two cups of tea. Once cooked, tea, you can take the tea which left two or three times a day-preferably two hours before eating.


Tea and grass do not drink you should be refrigerated between the two to prevent decay. Don’t forget hot tea when you take it out of the fridge because according to Chinese medical theory of cold it can damage your digestive system.


After completing all your herbal tea cooks a second time with the same exact way and sipping your tea. After the second cooking, the leftovers of a medicinal herb can be discarded. It should be noted that some of the potion needs more food and other herbs require some cooking. Leaves and flowers should not be long and if you have a mixture of concoctions that contain the root, the rhizome, the leaf, the flower, then start cooking the roots and the rhizome first, then add the leaves and flowers when preparing the minutes of The last 15-20. The pill is how easy and simple it is to use herbs. In ancient China, the grass was ground into very fine powder mixed with water, honey, flour, pasta or rice and was formed in tablets. Most of the Chinese formula still does it in a few black tablets. The traditional pill used to weaken a disease that requires treatment over a long period of time or are familiar with plant-based potions that have lost their actions when heated. With modern equipment and tablet, pills could be done with the machine. Materials such as cellulose fibers can be added to the water shaft on the tablet to help enter the digestive system. Maybe there are also corn proteins “Zein” used to cover the tablets to prevent degradation of the vegetation and protect the tablets from being destroyed. Doing it yourself could buy the capsule and add the grass powder. Elixir is used are very common and are made by dipping a mixture of herbs into the wine for a week or more. Usually, more potent are the herbal potions you soak. For example, Tiger bone wine has been used to treat arthritis or rheumatism. Because the tiger is threatened, tiger species are no longer used. Bai Jiu or Chinese wine is alcohol with a much higher alcohol content than European or American wines. Easy Tonic herb formula makes dyes. Just add the herb in the jar contains evidence of high alcohol and let soak for two to three months. Then drink the blow if you have to. Daniel Reid author of the book “A Chinese Herbal Medicine Handbook” contains many tonic formulas. Never try alcoholic heating at home.


Silk or cotton wool dipped in the concoction of herbaceous and simmered plants. The herbs are burned together to produce a smoke that will then be inhaled. In ancient China, They also put the stew in the wood and boil it. The use of fumigation is also one of the methods for treating asthma. Pills, stew, and Elixir is the most common method and even today in use.


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