The Theory Of CTM (Chinese Traditional Medicine): Asian Traditional Medicine vs Western

CTM (Chinese Traditional Medicine) has a story of the past for thousands of years. It has a complete theory about the Genesis, the development and the treatment of the disease. According to the CTM theory, the onset of the disease is in coordination between Yin and Yang and the treatment of diseases is the restoration of the balance between the two. Yin and Yang are two concepts of ancient Chinese philosophy and represent the two contradictions in all things.


In the theory of Yin and Yang, CTM is used to describe the physiological and pathological phenomena of the body. They are also a principle for diagnosing and treating the disease. Basically, there are two common ways of curing the diseases of the Community trade mark: Pharmacotherapy and non-pharmacological therapies. With respect to pharmacological treatment, traditional medicines are used as herbs, minerals, animals, etc. With regard to non-pharmacological therapy, there are acupuncture and massages, Moksibusi, Bekaa.


According to statistics, Traditional Chinese medicine is better for treating the disease of viral infections, immune system, cardiovascular disease system and nervous system without causing side effects compared to Western medicine.


The power and flexibility of Chinese medicine is a direct result of the philosophical views and understanding of China about what drugs are drawn. Chinese philosophy gives us a variety of approaches to see our nature, the functioning of our bodies, the manifestation of disease and the healing process. While it is true that there is no system of philosophy that contains all the answers, the framework of China gives us many guides and practical techniques to stimulate physical and mental health.


The underlying reason Asians are healthier than Americans


American doctors have tried to discover the secret behind Asian people are healthier than Americans since the early 90-Japan has the lowest mortality rates in the world and Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years. , from about 2000 B.C. It just means there’s more Asian health philosophy. In the treatment of Asia, there is recognition of all the theory of the body of the drug, not the isolationism has impregnated the prevalence of many American physicians office.


The main reason behind the best health lies in the differences between the Asian and American cultures. Diet, exercise, and the holistic approach to drugs contribute to Asian people who live healthier and healthier than their American counterparts. In addition, the results of the Asian lifestyle have produced the stronger overall immune system and the efficacy of detoxification.


American Lifestyle’s favorite beverage is a soda, a beer or a coffee. However, in Asian cultures, the preferred beverage is water or herbal tea. Water consumption is used to immediately strengthen your body detox programs because water dilutes toxins and helps rinse the body. Americans enjoy red meat and pork, while most Asians prefer chicken, rice, and fish. In addition, food in Asia to a large extent organic in nature and has no toxic hormonal brought American food. In general, Asian foods cause less food that is introduced into the body of toxins and allows the body to expand its energy on the immune system instead of controlling the toxin. In addition, Asian-consumed fish have very strong immunological effects, providing more antioxidants than red meat is favored in America.


The average American family has more than one car. In Asia, there is an average of 1 car per family of 4. In Asian cultures, people use bicycles more than a four-wheeled transport. The Asian lifestyle also implies more work and physical work, such as farm work and gardening. American Lifestyle has rented white-collar jobs that cause Americans to sit in front of a computer screen for hours. Sports help detoxify in two ways: accelerate your metabolism and cause perspiration. Accelerate the metabolism someone accelerates the elimination of toxins in a person’s body. Sweat reduces toxins because of the skin change from lipid-based toxins in water-based toxins. This allows harmful toxins soon released by their pores.


Treatment in Asia is based on natural ingredients that have curative properties. Asia’s treatment also deals with the relationship between the body and the spirit and the importance of mental equilibrium. The treatment is deeply rooted in the Asian tradition and it costs little to educate American Asian physicians as physicians. There are more traditional medicine physicians per person in Asia than in the United States. America’s medical costs are more focused on symptoms, often ignoring the general cause of symptoms. In the United States, the recipe is chemically-derived noxious toxins that emphasize the detoxification system. The use of drugs in Asia means using only natural ingredients, which the body can easily make a detoxification while getting the same health benefits.


It is not very difficult to adopt the Asian lifestyle and improve the immune system and detoxify your body. You can change your lifestyle today with organic consumption and alcohol, exercise with a minimum of three times per week, and use alternative biological health therapies for prescription drugs that are dangerous.